A Message to Our Customers

Goi's aim has always been to be the best way to learn Japanese vocabulary. We spent years studying foreign languages using all kinds of methods, but always found them lacking. Over the years we developed our own methods and techniques, and we eventually found ourselves wanting a tool that incorporated our methods into an easy-to-use package. Goi was born with this quest for the perfect study method, and it's been quite a ride turning that vision into a reality.

Goi was an ambitious project and it took a large amount of resources to make it a reality. We spent years developing Goi which makes this decision all the more difficult, but as time has gone on we've realized that we're not able to continue to develop Goi with the resources that it needs to stay true to that vision. Because of this, we will be halting development and removing Goi from the App Store starting on December 5, 2014.

How does this affect me?

For new customers

You will be unable to purchase Goi after December 5, 2014. If you would like to purchase a copy, please do so before then.

For existing customers

We were unable to build in cloud sync for your learning progress and other data. If you need to transfer this data (for example when upgrading to a new iPhone), you can restore from a backup to your computer. iCloud backups will not restore apps that are no longer for sale. Alternately, you can use a tool such as iMazing to back up Goi and its data so that you may transfer it to a new device.


We'd like to thank each and every one of our customers, beta testers, partners, friends, and family for their help and support along the way. Goi was a very ambitious project for us, and we're sorry to see it end. We feel a formal conclusion is in order, however, and is preferable than leaving Goi to stagnate on the App Store.

We'd like to say that we will continue working on Goi in the future, however, as of now, we do not have plans to continue working on Goi.

For posterity, the original Goi website will be archived and can be found here

Thank you for your understanding and support and best of luck with your studies.

Cameron & Michael